Soft-Stretch Hoolds - 3-Pk

Soft-Stretch Hood
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Soft Stretch Hoods - 3 PK The Contec Soft-Stretch Hood with patented triple-layer design provides comfortable protection, all day long. Latex-free. Wear independently for full range of head motion with unrestricted vision. For greater protection, wear with goggles or a respirator. Protects head, face and neck from: Dust, soot and debris Paint overspray and splashing liquids Bugs and spider webs Wind and rain Sun and heat Applications: Disaster Recovery Mold and lndoor Air Quality Remediation Dirty Jobs Crawl Space Work/Pest Control Asbestos/Lead Abatement Meth/Crime Scene Clean Up DNA and Skin Particles Containment Critical Environments Clean room Construction Food Processing Media Blasting Paint Application