Sporicidin Enzymatic Cleaner ENZ-1284 Case of 4 Gallons

Sporicidin Enzymatic Cleaner Concentrate ENZ-1284
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Sporicidin Enzymatic Cleaner is a blend of enzymes in a low foaming solution formulated to loosen and remove dried debris, protein, blood and mucin deposits. It effectively cleans both natural and synthetic fibers that have been soiled with organic and inorganic debris. Can be used in ultrasonic units, automatic washers and evacuation systems. This highly effective cleaner and stain remover has a neutral pH and is biodegradable, nonflammable and nontoxic. Ideal for use as a pre-cleaner mold/IAQ remediation/restoration and household use. Sporicidin Enzymatic Cleaner dissolves and cleans blood, body fluids and other debris present before disinfecting the contaminated areas.

The Sporicidin Enzyme Cleaner is an economical highly concentrated formula - 1 gallon makes 128 gallons of cleaning solution.

Enzymatic Cleaner Recommended Uses

 • Pre-cleaner for mold / Indoor Air Quality remediation and restoration
 • Carpet, fabric and upholstery cleaning
 • Pet stain and odor removal
 • Ultrasonic cleaning
 • Cleans clothing and linens
 • Safe for use in automatic washers
 • Removes dried blood and protein stains
 • Cleans rubber, plastics, stainless steel, vinyl and much more
 • Deodorizes as it cleans

Sporicidin Enzymatic Cleaner Features and Benefits

 • Non-staining
 • Non-toxic
 • Non-flammable
 • Mildly alkaline (pH 7.5)
 • Low foaming, concentrated formulation
 • Special blend containing a cellulose enzyme and a proteinizing enzyme for cleaning and removing material stains and breaking down both organic and inorganic debris
 • Contains enzyme preservative for added stability
 • Safe for use on rubber, stainless steel, vinyl, plastics, linens, clothing, carpets, fabrics and upholstery
 • Reduces the need for manual scrubbing
 • Economical highly concentrated formula - 1 ounce makes 1 gallon of cleaning solution